Worried about Bees? Plant some Flowers!

“Not a single bee has ever sent you an invoice. And that is part of the problem – because most of what comes to us from nature is free, because it is not invoiced, because it is not priced, because it is not traded in markets, we tend to ignore it.”

– Pavan Sukhdev, United Nations report, The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity.
Love this post…

Adventures in Natural Beekeeping

Last year in June, before the deer discovered it, the bees were on the Meadowfoam everyday. Last year in June, before the deer discovered it, the bees were on the Meadowfoam everyday.

If you’ve ever watched the bees on a Poached Egg Meadowfoam (Limnanthes Douglasii),  you will want to grow some for your bees.    Last year I bought 12 plants from my friendly nursery (101 Plants).  The bees were on them everyday.  Unfortunately, the deer discovered them, and mowed them down.  This year I’m happy to say I found a source for seeds.  I’m buying 1000seeds for under $5.00 from Outside Pride in Oregon.  With that many seeds, I can scatter them in quite a few areas (fenced in, this time).  The bees will love them and so will I.

aaaaa Another photo taken shortly before the deer decided to sample it last year.

I was under the mistaken impression that Meadowfoam was grown mostly in Oregon and Northern California, but I see…

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2 Comments on “Worried about Bees? Plant some Flowers!

  1. Thanks for the reblog…as I was reading your “About” post, I wanted to tell you how much I agree with you about your core values…
    “3. Respect and enrich the land we live and work on, instead of take, take, take.”
    We have lived here over 40 years and in that length of time, we’ve had a number of loggers offer to cut our trees for us. My wife and I feel very strongly about our trees, that they are not really ‘ours’ to take but ‘ours’ to enjoy and to be good stewards of. The same goes for the rest of the land. We grow as many veggies as we can and now because we’re ‘keeping’ bees, as many bee-loving flowers as we can. “You can never have too many flowers.” 🙂


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