A Simple Recipe to Stay Warm

“So when you’re cold From the inside out And don’t know what to do, Remember love and friendship, And warmth will come to you.” ―     Stephen Cosgrove,     Gnome from Nome

I woke today feeling cold and crabby due to the unrelenting arctic temperatures here in Illinois. Instead of staying stuck, I decided to feel better by sharing something warm with the people I love.

Here is my recipe for warm, happy and unstuck:

iphone first green egg 010

1) Go out to the barn and collect the days eggs. No barn? Just get outside for a few minutes to get your blood moving.

2) While oven is pre-heating to 425, wash the dishes with extra warm water to re-gain feelings in your fingers and listen to your favorite Pandora station.

3) Mix up a batch of your favorite baked item. I chose an oatmeal, banana, and blueberry loaf.


4)While yummy things are baking in the oven, curl up with a good book and your favorite animal.


5) Wake up the kids from a longer than usual slumber, and present them with their breakfast made with love.


6) Bask in the warmth of good food and being together.


Be warm!


4 Comments on “A Simple Recipe to Stay Warm

  1. I have to agree with df,..”the best all-time recipe of any kind.” I see you have Michael Pollan’s book too. He’s such a good writer.


  2. Love to see you taking such good care of yourself. I agree, a great recipe for contentment.


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