Karmic Seeds

     “In this very moment, we have a choice to plant the seeds we wish to harvest. We can increase our joy by actively doing the good we wish to have returned to us. We can decrease our suffering by refusing to return the bad that has been done to us. Our lives are fertile fields of infinite possibilities.”  Taro Gold

My husband and I spent several hours this past week looking through the Seed Savers Exchange catalog, picking out old favorites, cataloging what we already have, and choosing new seed adventures. We have learned so much these past few years, and are excited to begin implementing this Spring’s plans for WelcomeTree Farm. Less gourds ( a lot less), more potatoes, many varieties of tomatoes, a million jars of salsa, mini-pumpkins vining over the trellis, Wisconsin cantaloupe, goat’s milk? …infinite possibilities.

Right alongside our garden’s possibilities are the infinite possibilities for the karmic seeds of our lives. Which seeds will I choose to plant today that will bring me joy? Will I plant patience and love in spite of feeling wronged? Will I plant warmth to others when I feel ignored? Will I plant slowing down when I’m bombarded with busyness? Will I plant peace when I feel chaos? Each day I have an opportunity to care less about how I am perceived or if I look like I am right or wrong, and care more about planting those seeds of joy.

April 2013 034


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