Saving the World

“He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how.”  
―     Friedrich Nietzsche


My husband Chris and I spent many hours yesterday preparing for the negative double digits predicted, purchasing straw and tarps and gathering all that was needed to seal up the barn. Chris was on snow blowing duty and I began the task of mucking the goat’s sleeping stall.

The goats happily followed me on my path from the barn to the compost pile with the soiled straw, to the house for forgotten items, and back to the barn again. I forgot they were behind me on one of my treks to the house and I found Luna, our Saanen, with her head peeking through the partially opened sliding glass door calling to me with her loud Mawwwww. ‘Oh shit! The goats are out there waiting for me… but oh how loved I feel’. As we walked back to the barn, they took a nibble of the pine tree, simultaneously relieved themselves (how do they always do that?), and kicked up their heals and beat me in their race back to the barn.

After many hours, the barn was sealed, the fresh straw was beautifully fluffed and flat surfaces scraped fairly free of poop. I looked around, taking in all of our hard work, and felt I may have possibly saved the world.


5 Comments on “Saving the World

  1. From The goat’s And chicken’s Perspective, I Am Certain You Did! Your Extended Family Is Well Taken Care Of, Happy Animals!! And Happy People!!


  2. Have you read Man’s Search for Meaning by Victor Frankl. Sounds like he and and Neitzsche were on the same page.


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