Leaving Home

“…and here’s a secret for you – everything beautiful is sad…gilded with impermanence…”
―    John Geddes

May 2013 010Painting of Katniss by: Pam Rosenquist

Katnniss is leaving home tomorrow. He is our year old bantam rooster that has taken his WelcomeTree Farm job far too seriously. We all have the scars to prove it. I probably should have changed his name to Soup about 6 months ago, but that was not to be. Instead, he is traveling first class tomorrow, to a farm in Minnesota.

May 2013 006We are all like Katniss in a way, or at least I know I am. I once found myself driving down the road with my family, leaving behind my dreams and home in the woods of Wisconsin. My heart felt like it was breaking as we traveled across the country to a new and different life.How many others have felt that same crushing grief as change was upon them? It is all of us, I think, at sometime or another. It comes in so many different forms, but it is all the same. It is the force of impermanence in all of our lives.

I have learned to keep a loose grip on life. Those months after leaving our home in the woods, my grip was fierce around the dreams that I couldn’t bare to see change or die. The tighter my hold though, the less happy I became. I was eventually forced to ease up, and would say to myself, “I will let be what is, move with the flow of my life, and stay true to my soul no matter where I find myself”. Those words are sometimes easier said than done, but they have etched a path in my mind that I can choose to step onto anytime. That path leads me to see how the journey I am on is the dream itself. It is the creative dance between my absolute powerlessness and my unstoppable power.

Tears prick at my eyes and my throat tightens when I focus on what my power can’t change, like a rooster leaving because he became a problem. A smile emerges as I think of our coming mornings in the barn and yard, that will be free of anxiety… becuase of a rooster leaving who became a problem.

April 2013 036


6 Comments on “Leaving Home

  1. Beautiful picture of Katniss Pam! Glad to hear you found him a home. Kind of sad he didn’t work out.


  2. I am sad that Katniss must leave because he did his job too well, but I will be smiling when we can go into the yard without the worry of Katniss spurs. Rock on Katniss, just somewhere else.


  3. Katniss update from his new MN neighbor: He is doing well and seems settled in. Upon arrival and from the safety of his wire cage, Katniss met the resident rooster: a huge black Astrolorpe. The Rosenquists and I were encouraged. This big boy would teach Katniss some humility per his quiet clucks and submissive posture as the big boy strutted around the cage. A few days later Farmer Petersen had to move Katniss to a 2nd coop about a quarter mile away to separate the roosters. Katniss was kicking the the tail feathers off that Astrolorpe. As naughty as he is, one can’t help but admire Katniss.


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