A Step into the Wonderful Wild

“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”                               Ralph  Waldo Emerson

April 2013 005

I woke today feeling grateful to have a best friend, who happens to be my husband, and shares a vision with me of a small farm in the woods that creates, teaches, enriches and heals.

We are Chris Rosenquist and Denise Arrell-Rosenquist and WelcomeTree Farm is our way of life and our vision for our future. Chris and I, along with our two daughters, Caroline and Sabrina, began this adventure in 2007 when we sold our home in Minneapolis, Minnesota and purchased 11 acres of beautiful land right outside River Falls, Wisconsin. We felt a clear calling to live closer to our natural world and take this monumental leap towards our dreams. This was the place where we stepped off our clearly marked path and stepped out into the wonderful wild that Ralph Waldo Emerson speaks of.

Why did we choose the name WelcomeTree Farm? An amazing old Basswood Tree stands at a curve in our driveway. It is close to the entrance of our eleven acres of land in Trimbelle Township,Wisconsin. The Basswood Tree received its name shortly after we purchased our property, as its presence seemed to welcome us, each time we returned home. Our resident artists, Chris and Sabrina, are currently creating our WelcomeTree Farm logo. Try to envision a beautiful, strong, old tree reaching out gently to welcome the families, children, goats, chickens, bees, and the growing food to our beloved land. Coming soon!

WelcomeTree Farm’s core values are:

  • High quality and meaningful, nature-based education that is accessible to any child or adult who wants to learn with us. (Everyone has a right to nourishing experiences, not just those with financial wealth. The goal of our classes is to encourage a personal relationship with nature that inspires compassion for all living creatures including our Mother Earth)
  • To create an organic, biologically diverse farm (Create awareness about the destructive nature of monoculture)
  • Animal Welfare Approved farming practices (We currently follow the extensive guidelines approved by AWA with our chickens and goats)
  • Small needs to be Possible (Check this out!)
  • Sustainable/Permaculture practices (To respect and enrich the land we live and work on, instead of take, take, take. Creative, joyful, and mindful living that does not harm the planet or those we share it with)
  • Community service…We believe it is a right of every human being to have enough to eat. We are committed to finding solutions to hunger
  • To infuse art in everything we do
  • To be grateful

WelcomeTree Farm currently resides both in Marengo, Illinois on 2 acres of beautiful countryside and on our land in Wisconsin. Our farm in Illinois is home to two goats named Areida and Luna and 30 laying hens. We grow a variety of heirloom vegetables with organic seeds purchased through Seed Savers Exchange. We currently sell and donate our surplus of vegetables and pasture raised eggs.

Join us as our vision unfolds. WelcomeTree Farm needs you!

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