A New Adventure

“The  time for action is now. It’s never too late to do something.”

Antoine  de Saint-Exupery

WelcomeTree Farm has been very busy these past couple weeks. I am finally sitting down to write, and reflect on all of the wonderful things that are happening.

  This year, we planted many of our favorite seeds indoors in Dixie cups. We have been watching them grow in our mini-greenhouse, anticipating the day we will plant them in the garden. The tomatoes, peppers, cauliflower, pumpkins, morning glories, and onions are off to a great start. They will all go into the ground around the first of May, along with many other wonderful seed varieties.We again chose to purchase our seeds from Seed Saver Exchange. All of our seeds are organic heirlooms that have a rich history and have been harvested by people who care about our planet.

April 2013 037April 2013 034

April 2013 033April 2013 032

 Any day that is spent near the garden is wonderful day, even when something goes wrong. The whole family, including the goats and the chickens, soaked up the sun and began cleaning up the yard as we gathered for the tilling of the garden. As my husband completed tilling almost half of the garden, one of the belts in the tiller was shredded. No worries…Tractor Supply to the rescue. A new belt will be on its way tomorrow.

April 2013 058 April 2013 024

April 2013 038April 2013 045

April 2013 022April 2013 036

April 2013 049April 2013 050

April 2013 060April 2013 056


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