Three Best Moments of Today

“One doesn’t recognize the really important moments in one’s life until it’s too late.”
Agatha Christie

February 2013 142

1) Sitting down with a cup of green tea, and re-reading a handwritten letter from a friend, whom I met nearly 25 years ago. It was on a very lucky plane ride to Boston that the dearest of friends was gifted to me. Each word in the letter is like sunshine, radiating love and wisdom. Sometimes I open up the letters and just look at the writing, reminding me of those things simple and good. E-mail, texts, and tweets have their place in the world, but they will never replace someone’s hand written words.

My daughter recently wrote her grandma a letter and she wanted me to check it over for mistakes. After reading it through several times, I realized this letter was like a quick snapshot of her while she wrote. There will always be places to correct and comment on, but this letter was not one of them. It warmed my heart to see how many words she spelled correctly, punctuation in the right spots, but equally the wonderful errors. She may never spell the word restaurant that same way again…resteront. In my opinion, it should be spelled just that way. I have had trouble with that world my entire adult life. Heck, I might have spelled it wrong in this entry, without spellcheck. The important part… the spiritual part, is a child’s intrinsic desire to reach out to the people she loves, and share a piece of her authentic self.I phone March 2013 101

2) After planting some Morning Glory’s this afternoon, I went to water them with a cup of water. My daughter stopped and presented me with a creation that she and my husband had made the day before. They took a Dixie cup and poked very little holes all over the bottom. (Pour some water in the cup, and the water comes out like a light rain shower over the seeds.) It was designed to restrict the flow of water so the seeds were not disturbed and maintained their proper soil depth. The best moment was not the invention, but that she was respectfully demonstrating to me how to “properly” water the seeds. I was caught and taught and loved every moment.

I phone March 2013 003I phone March 2013 004

3) Today, which is Monday, is “Tidy up the Eggs” day. It is truly one of my favorite moments each week. Portions of the eggs laid on our Welcome Tree Farm are sold on Tuesdays to local families. I take all of the eggs that were laid by our beautiful hens that week and closely check them over. I try not to wash them if they do not have any incriminating spots.This is why:

I learned that there is a protective layer called the Bloom or the Cuticle that helps keep out bacteria and dust which can be washed off quite easily. The eggshell is a semi permeable membrane, so without the Cuticle, particles can penetrate the shell through the estimated 17,000 pores.

Recently, I was checking the nest boxes for eggs and found a hen in one of the boxes. I reached my hand under her and as she stood she simultaneously laid an egg, surprising both of us as it dropped into the straw beneath her. Then I saw it… the glistening and illusive Bloom. It was there one second and seemingly gone the next. Chicken magic!

Sherlock Holmes 004

I read in Mother Earth News to use sandpaper, instead of water, to remove the offending materials. If you do choose to use water to wash the eggs, the water should be slightly warmer than the egg itself. The warmer water helps close the pores instead of opening them with cold water.

iphone first green egg 010The art of happy eggs delights me!


3 Comments on “Three Best Moments of Today

  1. The Eggs Are Beautiful! I Too, Find The Misspelled Word Charming, They Are Exactly As They Should Be At That moment. You Are Right, She Will Probably Never Spell Them Like That Again.


  2. My younger son has been handwriting some cards over the last couple of days, so I was very caught by your daughter’s note. So sweet. We’re enjoying the first, sporadic eggs from our Americauna chickens after a long cold winter; they are such a treat. I hadn’t heard the sandpaper trick before, I like it.


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