Where Hope Hides

Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all.
Dale Carnegie
As I open the barn door that Chris and I built together, and step in to goat area, I hear their calls…Mawwwwww. They know me. They are so happy to see me and I to see them. I do my quick “look over” and find two healthy and happy goats. They both get a hug and scratches on their necks before I grab the orange and green leashes. I remember we bought the leashes at Tractor Supply shortly before  we were going to pick Luna and Areida up at Poplar Hill Farm in Minnesota. They both stand so nicely while I put the leashes on and push open the gate. They lead me out of the barn and to the left towards the field of their favorite green edibles. We practice walking with the goats on leashes for part of our walk. I smile just thinking about how quickly they learn to come when we pull gently and give a particular command. We then let the leashes go, and they trail behind them as they walk and scan the ground and trees for snacks. I smile and say out loud to my husband how absolutely wonderful they both are
Hope hides in those things that inspire our potential and push us in the direction that will make use of our best selves. One only has to listen closely to hope’s silent and painful absence or the clarity and beauty of its presence to know if your own path is under your feet.
A meal from the garden and the barn…
Hubby and daughter cooking

4 Comments on “Where Hope Hides

  1. Thanks, The last couple of weeks have been filled with wonderful moments with children. Little Sophia{neighbor), nephew Michael and the other little ones in the hood have responded amazingly to the love and attention I’ve been able to give.Yes, love be it cooking, gardening, animals or children feels so right.


  2. What a wonderful accomplishment, a meal from your garden! Watching things grow is such an inspiring feat, satisfaction at it’s best. And the abundance you will reap from your efforts will surely spill over to many less fortunate folk, be they family, friends, or someone in need. Hooray for that beautiful garden and the care and attention of the family who lives on Carl’s Road.


  3. You have exquisitely described to us, in your 3rd paragraph above, where hope resides and where it does not. Am I sounding too much like your English Prof? I didn’t know any better way to express my awe of that paragraph. Also, I completely agree with Pam.


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