The seeds have arrived!

 “I like my vegetables cold and snappy, not hot and crappy.” Caroline Rosenquist

I tried to serve “steam in the bag” broccoli, corn, cauliflower, and bell peppers at dinner tonight. It did not go well. I enjoyed them just fine, but the girls were at risk of “tossing their veggies” all through the meal. Caroline came up with the above rhyme as she was trying to swallow a mouth full of mushy vegetables. There were a few more funny moments that I will leave out, that may disturb our readers. We all got our ‘laughter is medicine” quota for the month.

Our seeds arrived today and I have decided to highlight a seed a day for the coming month. All of these seeds come with a bit of history and I thought it would be fun to try to remember where each of them came from.

Today’s seed is the Black from Tula Tomato.  The description is as follows:

Russian heirloom imported by Seed Savers Exchange and offered to members in 1996. Made available commercially be SSE as part of the Russian collection in 1998. Described by a member as “the ugliest, most delicious tomato I have ever grown.” Good yields of brownish-red slightly flattened globes weighing up to 14 oz.

I can imagine Grandpa Jim standing over the kitchen sink, sprinkling salt over the top, and eating those ugly buggers like apples.

I plan to dry some of the tomatoes in my new handy dandy dehydrator.( We tried the dehydrator out this past week on bananas, and we loved them! )We are especially excited to dry the Nasturtiums, which are an edible flower that look beautiful and taste great on a salad. They are very expensive in the store, but are well worth the purchase when you see how lovely they are on top of all of those greens. I remember when we grew Nasturtiums in River Falls in the planter boxes, on the porch, right outside the door. As we were coming or going, we would all grab a flower and pop it in our mouths. It never got old, so I can’t wait to grow a ton of them again.

I can’t forget to mention that we have a pair of geese that are coming to the pond everyday, and they do their rounds of  the property, including the backyard by the driveway. They told us that their names are Gus and Gurta. We got to talk about our time in North Carolina with the couple because that is where they said they spent most of this past winter. They are hoping to start a family soon, but  they have some fears about the neighborhood dogs, goats, cats and chickens. They are hoping to find a quiet little place by the ponds edge to call home for the season. Crossing our fingers for little goslings!



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