”Gratitude for the seemingly insignificant — a seed –this plants the giant miracle.” – Ann Voskamp

Today was our first day reducing Luna and Areida’s bottles to two. We are now feeding them at 10:00 and 7:00.

They are grazing outdoors and eating store-bought alfalfa with gusto. They are also eating a cup of grain a day. They love their grain… They gobble it down in about a second.

Chris and I spent several hours on Saturday making the final decisions about which seeds we were ordering for the garden. We decided to order all of our seeds  from Seed Savers Exchange in Iowa. They are a wonderful company and are only a few hours from us. We are going to take a field trip one day soon to their farm for their heirloom tour. The order was placed and they have already been shipped. Yea!! We ordered  fun and interesting heirloom veggies with great historical stories.

Yesterday, after picking up Chris from work, I had a couple hours that I really missed the more familiar. Home has become where we are as a family, but there are times that I miss things that give me the sense of having roots. In all honesty, I was feeling sorry for myself. Poor me; I live in Marengo Illinois. I didn’t really choose to live here. I don’t have a co-op down the road; I miss my family and friends. It’s funny because I can’t really come with anymore complaints than that. Then I had a conversation with a good friend. She reminded me through her own personal awareness, of two ideas: Acceptance is the answer to all of our problems and we are never alone in the difficulties of our lives. There is always someone else out there who is dealing with a similar scenario and finding peace. They are also, most likely, having days that they too end up wishing for something to be different. What seems to matter, is how quickly we bounce back to acceptance and find gratitude for the many mini-miracles in each day. It really is a choice.





One Comment on “Miracles

  1. You wouldn’t be human if you didn’t miss the things you love. Your friend gave you some good advice. Acceptance and gratitude are the antidotes to keep us from staying too long in our sadness.
    Glad to hear your seed order is on it’s way. The heirloom stories must be fascinating. Please share some of them with us. Love you.


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