The Frogs are now Singing

Organize, agitate, educate, must be our war cry. Susan B. Anthony
Sabrina and I took a walk up the path that follows the creek and then passes the woods. I thought the goats might enjoy the abundance of oak leaves. As the path winds closer to the creek we noticed the frogs music seemed to be amplified from the waters edge. I have never heard so many frogs in one place. I always thought you heard those noises in the evening, not during the day light. I suppose this is when all of those frogs are busy meeting other frogs.
We were about halfway through our walk next to the creek, along the woods, and past the cornfield when I noticed that Luna seemed a bit lethargic. She is such a spunky little bugger that I wondered  if there was something wrong. I ended up carrying her the rest of the way, without any resistance from her, and got her into the cool barn to check her out (Looking to burn a few extra calories? Add a goat to your workout). Sabrina decided that she may have been over heated, being that she is still a baby and due to where she comes from…the cold Swiss Alps. Good thinking Sabrina.  I am going out to check on her again in a bit, and make sure that all is well.
Chris and I will be placing our order for seeds today.  We are ordering from Johnny Select Seeds and Seed Savers Exchange. They are both excellent companies with mission statements to be proud of. We are preparing the porch for all the wonderful plants we will have, before we actually plant them in the ground.  Our porch is perfect as a greenhouse in case the weather decides to take a turn for the worse again.
This month is Women’s Rights Month. The girls and I (not the goats) are watching the PBS special on Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton. These two women give me hope that anything can be changed; it just may not be as quickly as one would like.
 They started their movement for women’s rights 72 years after the Declaration of Independence (1776) and women did not receive full citizenship through the vote for 72 more years after they began their fight (That is what I call delayed gratification). Both of them died before the first woman’s vote was cast. The Declaration of Independence was significant because Elizabeth Cady-Stanton, at the first women’s rights convention, revised and read the Declaration of Independence to include women, which she named the Declaration of Rights.
 I find it comforting to learn about these devoted, strong, and persistent women. No matter what the cause, they lay out a plan of  do what you can when you can, lean into your strengths not weaknesses, stay steady no matter which way the wind turns, and listen to your heart and the innovative thinkers  not those with small or limited thoughts. Thank you Ms. Anthony and Ms. Cady-Stanton.
“Surely the immutable laws of the universe can teach more impressive and exalted lessons than the holy books of all the religions on earth.”
Elizabeth Cady-Stanton

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