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What a wonderful past week I have had. My Auntie Joni, mom and dad came to visit our Welcome Tree Farm for 9 days. I have decided to write about what I am most grateful today as I reflect on my time with my family.

  • Laughing, laughing and more laughing. There was one morning that I woke up and my sides hurt because of laughing. A particular favorite was my mom’s re-enactment of my realization that I had forgotten to shut the barn door after dark. It went something like, “Oh @##@#, I forgot to shut the barn door.” Then, Sabrina used the wonderful iPhone app technology and distorted grandma’s voice about 35 different ways.
  • Sitting with my dad watching Ugly Betty on his Samsung phone. It is so nice to be together like that, rubbing shoulders and enjoying the same thing.
  • Great discussions about ideas rather than places or people
  • Listening to good music
  • Bottle feedings in the barn with everyone

Auntie Yoni feeding Areida
  • Walks with the kids
  • Spending time at Menards picking out paint
  • Watching dad and Joni paint the kitchen (especially their big fight) Such a pretty color
  • A trip to St. Charles (again more laughing at the bookstore for stinky reasons I won’t write about.
  • Watching mom and I ‘s movies LOADING…. and some more LOADING…… and some more….
  • Watching the rocket take off
  • Meals at the wonderful Marengo Cafe in our assigned seats
Fun at the Marengo Cafe
  • Hugs
  • Love
  • Feeling cherished by people I love and cherish

3 Comments on “Family

  1. Yep, watching Ugly Betty together was almost as nice as holding Denise when she was a toddler. Reading aloud John WIlley’s memoir to the family was touching. Painting with Joan was another thing.


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