“The secret of education lies in respecting the pupil. It is not for you to choose what he shall know, what he shall do. It is chosen and foreordained and he only holds the key to his own secret.” Ralph Waldo Emerson


Today, I went out to the barn and found that one of the bantam chickens (Buttercup) had a bloody foot. I brought her in the house and soaked it in some warm water as she nibbled on oatmeal. It made laugh that Caroline commented on how nice it was that I was sharing my spendy gluten-free oats.

Her toenail seemed to be missing a bit. Sabrina held her as I used the hairdryer to dry her foot and then applied  a bit of antibiotic cream. We went back out to the barn and Buttercup called for her sisters with a few distinct calls. I did wonder though if maybe she was bragging about her time inside eating expensive health food. Who knows.

I clipped the last of some wire mesh that was being stubborn on the wall in the barn. I thought maybe that stuff could have hooked Buttercups foot, and caused her injury. I probably won’t ever know unless I find a bloody nail somewhere. That wire was put up with that wonderful staple gun that I recently learned to refill. After seeing how difficult it was to get those staples out of the wall, I started feeling a bit of remorse about my possible over use of the tool. I think I went a little staple gun crazy. I am sure there is another tool out there that will help me when I need to deal with the staple aftermath.  

I titled this writing Grateful for one very good reason. I feel grateful today. I am going to type the one good reason why, so I can look back and remind myself on those harder days that all is well, but never perfect.

So, here it goes: I love my daughters.

I laughed really hard today with Caroline and Sabrina as they read funny quotes from their new books from the library. (Of course it was about farts and thongs. What else is there to laugh about?) We ate homemade pizza at the kitchen table, and talked about how much better this one was from the last. Caroline and I discussed the way we used to eat when she was really little. She remembered eating Dinosaur Egg oatmeal. It is where the dino eggs (sugar) slowly dissolve as you eat and you are left with babydinosaurs. She informed me that would not fly today.

 I love being these girl’s mom. They impress me continuously. I can say that because they have just come through me, and I don’t have a darn thing to do with the beauty that shines right from within them. I am so grateful for making the choices we have in our life to make it so we can all learn together during the day and learn through active engagement in our life. I love that these girls get to spend a little less time ” being trained away from true self, towards images of acceptability”. I have real hope that they are really getting to know themselves and are already claiming their “giftedness”, which is their birthright, as Author Parker Palmer says. I am reclaiming that birthright as they are digging deep into who they are, and loving what is there. I am learning as we go, but I sure am grateful.

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  2. There’s nothing better than laughing together. Caroline and Sabrina are two very funny girls. They fit in well with thier two funny parents. I don’t know how you get anything done with all your laughing 🙂 Love you.


  3. I like that you are comfortable doctoring the chickens. Chris has been a good teacher. get well soon Buttercup.


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